Straw Chopper Knives

Replace your old low profile knives with new aggressive sickle sections

New soybeans varieties ripen on green, tough stems. The original chopper bar assembly with
U-shaped cutter blades, JUST CAN'T CUT IT!

Cuts Soybeans and wheat straw shorter to avoid plugging with your planter, cultivator, or
tillage tools.

Shorter straw spreads more evenly, allowing for faster and more uniform soil warm up in
no-till situations and turns to mulch quicker.


Cuts the straw and stubble shorter, which turns to mulch quicker for faster available plant food
and nutrients for the next crop.

To operate for soybeans or wheat: Raise straw chopper concave bar to high position. Or set as
desired for crop condition.

*Easy to Install: Remove rivets and old knives. (Use safety glasses) Drill out 1/4". New sickle sections ready to bolt on the chopper concave bar. Bolts included.

*Use caution when installing. Remove key from ignition and wear safety glasses.

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