58114 Hose Assembly System

The 58114 CleverTech² Hose End Crimper repairs 5/8 - 1 1/4 inch h ose on the farm, in the shop, on the job site, on the road, or in the military.

The tool's small size allows it to be used right on the spot in places no other hose machine could possibly be used. No wasted effort removing the whole hose assembly and the obstructions that may cost hours in lost time.

If you are in a remote area or the hose failure stops your equipment dead in its tracks during military operations or construction work - no problem - this tool is totally hand operated. No power source is needed.

Simple rotating motion crimps the hose end in minutes.

Save money on custom fabrication. Allow more hoses to be repaired rather than replaced. Saves downtime and saves trips to the repair shop.

It's a fraction of the cost of other systems. It allows you to keep your equipment running after hours and on weekends.



  • Recommended for 1 & 2 Wire Hoses only
  • Lightweight under 10lbs.
  • Handles 5/8" to 1 1/4" diameter hose
  • Easy to operate
  • Mobile--Compact
  • Full, one year warranty
  • For use in the CONSTRUCTION & MILITARY field
  • Hand operated, no power source required
  • Time-saving, makes end replacement possible
    without removing entire hose assembly
  • No more mad dashes to town before closing time
  • No more waiting til morning- make your own repairs
  • Saves time--miles--money
  • Saves lost hours for your work crew


58114 Kit Consists of:

58114 Crimper
6" Caliper
Hose End Holder
Durable Compact Carrying Case

Also Available: Model 1434

 So affordable, every equipment owner should have one!
So practical, no mechanic should be without one!


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